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    What is Artificial Turf?

    Synthetic turf or fake grass is a smart alternative for overused, wilted playing fields. A natural grass field simply cannot stay green and resilient if it is used regularly, say, three to four days a week, or in changing weather and harsh outdoor conditions.  Natural grass needs time to grow and be nourished.

    Synthetic turf is a fantastic, low maintenance alternative for those who are unable to commit the time and effort necessary for the upkeep of real turf as water and fertilisers are no longer required.

    Artificial grass can be produced in all shapes and sizes, and fibre pile heights can range from 9 mm for sports turf to 45 mm for leisure and landscaping purposes.

    With a lifespan of up to 20 years, during which time there should be no colour fading, synthetic turf offers a convenient, sustainable alternative which a growing number of Aussie’s are turning to when upgrading their garden landscape.

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    Is Artificial Turf Better than Natural Grass?

    There are a lot of reasons why a lot of Aussie home and business owners are choosing to go with the synthetic grass solution. A growing number of sport centres opt to install this type of lawn rather than growing natural grass due to its longevity. The following are just among the countless benefits that fake grass offers:


    The Look and Feel

    The look of artificial grass has become really attractive due to it’s range of shapes and styles. It does not look fake, and it is undeniably appealing like the natural grass. In actuality,  artificial lawns are quite hard to distinguish from natural ones. Also, they have one very crucial advantage in contrast with natural grass – fake grass is in perfect condition throughout the year!


    Little to No Maintenance

    Natural grass can often be difficult to maintain as it takes a great deal of energy and time. It needs quite a bit of knowledge and experience about gardening as well as costly machinery to keep the natural lawn in great shape. Using grass in wider areas such as sports arenas, there is even more time and energy needed to get the result that you want.


    The Draining Capacity

    The component involves the degree of resilience of your lawn against weather conditions. For instance, if there are rains or snows, fake turf has a good capacity of durability and absorption, preventing water clogs or damage. Also, it does not lose any of its original colour at all.


    Ease in Installation

    One can have an installation of artificial grass almost anywhere they want and on any type of surface, be it on concrete, tile, cement, and more. Artificial turf is the best material to place around a pool, in a cafe or outdoor restaurant or even outdoor play areas. Fake grass unquestionably shows immediate results.


    Relatively Cheap

    Contrary to a lot of people’s perception, artificial grass is actually less expensive than natural ones in the long run. Fake grass needs little to no maintenance, no equipment, and zero water to maintain it, and these are the total opposite of when using the natural ones.

    What Services Do We Offer?

    If you are in search of quality artificial turf for your home, commercial establishment, store, sports field, school, and more, then you have come to the right place. Penrith Synthetic Grass Specialists brings you a wide range of supplies and solutions to make your dream lawn come to life. Worry not about hiring various specialists to get the job done because our company has got everything covered.


    Artificial Turf Materials

    Penrith Synthetic Grass Specialists is focused on bringing you appealing and durable synthetic grass, sports, and any other surfaces.  May it be for a  soccer field, a football field, a baseball field, or even a school field, you can guarantee that we have a wide selection of artificial turf products and industry expertise to fit your requirements.  Manufactured from reputable producers in Australia, you can be sure that our fake grass and installation services will last long.


    Professional Installation Services

    Some customers may prefer buying artificial turf materials from other suppliers. In this case, should you need help with the installation, we are more than happy to help you. Our installation techniques and methods have proven to bring out the smoothest and most professional-looking results in Penrith, Australia.


    The Maintenance and Fixes

    The moment you have issues with our installation services, or you have problems with your prior ones, don’t hesitate to call us. Our company has a skilled and certified team to perform maintenance and repair to fake lawns of all types. Our company can restore your old artificial turf like it is new.

    Our Clients
    Penrith artificial grass installation
    School Grounds

    Our company is focused on making sure that all school premises are safe and fun. With this, you can have the peace of mind that our fake turf will not cause any injury or harm to your kids or passers-by. Also, our grass has anti-slip features that make it safe even after heavy rainfall. So, the kids can play without having to let the grass dry.


    Sports Fields

    If you need fake grass that does not need constant maintenance, you can count on us to do that for you. With our fake turf, you will not need any regular water sprinklers or cleaning just to have the grass stay in its freshness and lushness.

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    Penrith synthetic grass for lawn

    Commercial Businesses

    Improve the total look of your commercial property with premium quality grass supplies and services. Fake turf installations provide landscape designs for cafes, parks, bars, alfresco restaurants, and more.


    Improve the look of your home, inside and out, with durable and fresh-looking turf from us. Allow us to install it for you so you can beautify your entire home in a new and fresh way. With us, you will not have to spend much just to improve the look of your home.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    How much does synthetic turf cost in Penrith?

    To come up with a workable amount for quality artificial turf, the cost usually ranges from $50 and $75 per square metre. On the more premium end, installations cost $75 and $100. These overall costs can be lessened or increased based on the quality, project size, complication of the project, and other needs of the client. The surface of the property also plays an important role in this.

    Can I install a synthetic turf on top of a current lawn in Australia?

    This is possible,  but such is not recommended by the professionals. This is due to the fact that uneven base and sewage problems can come into the picture and affect the entire project process. This may end up costing you more in the long run.

    How long can synthetic turf last in Australia?

    Fake lawns can stand and serve you for a duration of 20 to 25 years with appropriate installation, upkeep, and use. However, it can also last for up to 10 to 15 years.

    What materials make up a synthetic turf in Australia?

    Each fibre is usually made from synthetic  materials like nylon, polyethylene, or propylene while the base consists of polyester foams or rubber.

    What are the various types of synthetic grass offered in Australia?
    • Nylon Grass– this is a more expensive type of grass but can stand against harsh weather conditions with its solid exterior.
    • Polypropylene Grass– this is relatively cheaper but it looks realistic with its fine and smooth surface. However, it may not stand well against harsh weather conditions.
    • Polyethylene Grass– a crowd-favorite option for commercial and residential property owners, and it is also a cost-efficient option for them.
    Does artificial turf installation have a drainage system in Australia?

    Yes, and an expertly installed one has a well-structured system to prevent flooding on the grass.

    How is an artificial lawn clean and maintained?

    A cleaning using soapy water every week is sufficient to keep the grass in tiptop shape. Also, you may do it once a month, but be sure to remove the debris that clogs up the drain using a brush or power hose.

    Top Grade Artificial Turf Products and Services
    Our team at Penrith Synthetic Grass Specialists has managed and pulled off all types of residential and commercial grass installations. Strong, world-class quality, and eco-friendly turf supplies coupled with our expertise, methods, and contemporary skills enable us to perform smooth and quality outputs all the time. Give us a call now and know more about our amazing fake turf solutions.
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