School Ground or Education

Penrith synthetic grass

School activities and programs are imperative in the upbringing and learning of children but it is a necessity to first guarantee that they remain safe on school grounds, more so when the school grounds is an expanse of grass. 

Penrith Synthetic Grass Specialists knows the requirements and preferences of schools to have a neat and safe area for kids. For this reason, we are here to provide you with customisable solutions and a wide range of fake turf supplies that meet your unique needs and budget. With our   years in the industry, our team has catered to countless schools in Penrith, Australia and in nearby locations.

Our artificial grass experts can install soft artificial lawns in these areas in school:

  • School Courtyards
  • Football field
  • Running oval
  • Playground Areas

Components and Benefits of Our Synthetic Turf Services for Schools

  • Free Advice and Consultation –on our first stage, we will make sure to get a thorough search of the area and see to it that every little detail is dealt with and taken care of by our experts. Our services will be adjusted to fit your budget without compromising the quality.
  • Fast and Effective Installation – the moment we make a design, the corresponding materials and time will also be made, listed, and agreed upon by our team and our clients. This is to ensure that nothing will be missed out during the installation process. Our staff has been trained to do this without any delays and with customer satisfaction in mind.
  • Product and Service Warranty – all fake grass we install comes with a 10-year warranty. This will enable you to enjoy your fake lawn in the years to come without worrying about frequent and costly replacements and repairs.

Only the Best Artificial Turfs for Schools

A lot of schools and learning facilities in Penrith and neighbouring areas are opting to use synthetic turfs for their activity areas as they have already understood the value of using the artificial than the fake ones. Call Penrith Synthetic Grass Specialists to know more.