Sports Grounds

Penrith artificial grass installed for sports stadium

Baseball, football, cricket, and all field-playing sports are some of the best games performed in the green field since it offers athletes a safer surface to minimise if not totally avoid serious injuries. Before,  these fields were traditionally installed and made of natural grass. But now, sports committees have realised that fake grass is way better than turf, because of these:

  • Promised Durability Like No Other – fake grass can stand against harsh weather conditions, temperature, and heavy traffic. Observing the right care and upkeep, it will retain its aesthetics and uses for many years.
  • Hassle-Free Upkeep – using a simple method of washing and regular brush-offs can really remove all the dirt and debris that stuck to the blades.
  • Lessened Downtime – there is no need for heavy cleaning and upkeep; thus, the field can be utilised for the next sports season no matter how close the schedules are.
  • Little Risk of Sports-Related Injury – fake turfs are featured in various finishes and fibre measurements. The smoot blades are ideal for the sports field for it has been proven to be gentle on the skin.

The Best Alternative to Natural Grass for Green Fields

Real grass may be the safest one to utilise and installed in sports grounds since such is natural and soft. But,  maintaining it has proven many difficulties and challenges, especially when it is just kept hidden. Most likely, the grass will just wilt. In contrast to fake grass, the grass remains green all year round, whether indoors or outdoors.